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WORKSHOP: Cobra - Inside Flow

Have you always wanted to learn the cobra wave or rolling cobra? Here’s your chance! In this workshop, you will learn the relevant alignment techniques of the cobra asana that will support you in your flow practice. 

This asana is a typical inside flow specialty and will be covered and explored in depth. Always wondered why we cobra roll in our practice? In Inside Flow, the breath and movement are linked to the beat of the music. 

As we transition from asana to asana at a faster pace, it is important to know how to keep our bodies safe while moving. The practice is a lot of fun but is mainly based on alignment to help you flow with more ease and avoid any injuries. In this workshop, the focus will be on alignment and anatomy (spine, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, pelvis, torso, buttocks) as well as techniques to build up strength and flexibility, so you can enjoy your Inside Flow and cobra roll to your fullest. You will practice and learn spinal waves - and how to segment your spine.

You will learn methods to optimally align your spine, a concept called energy loops that we use in Inside Flow to move our spine in a healthier and anatomically correct way. You will have time to practice and to be adjusted, so you can understand the movements, and which muscles to engage. 

At the end of this workshop, we will apply the previously learned alignment techniques and flow together to a brand new Inside Flow.

Instructor: Maura Explorer

Session schedule

  • Sunday, 03 Mar 2024 @ 10:30 - 13:30
    55.0 €